Meade Natural Heritage Association


Jan 15th 2018

Hope everyone has enjoyed the hunting season so far! Some great deer have been taking and below are a couple that we want to share. I will be getting all the photos from the year and updating the website this week with them. We have posted the Member range days for the 2018 year and also the qualification dates for the next season. Never to early to get started thinking of next year. Additionally if your a member please stop in and cast your vote for president and members at large. You have till the end of Jan.

Reminder!! To participate in the member range day you have to become a member. You can do it on the day of the shoot or anytime now until the season is over. The cost of membership is $10.

Membership Benefits: MNHA Newsletter detailing North Tract hunting information and MNHA activities, several MNHA range days for members only to maintain firearm proficiency, voting status giving you a voice in determining your hunting association's future, ability to utilize MNHA's bow range, post items for sale on MNHA's bulletin board, and entrance to our yearly MNHA Membership Banquet!!

MNHA is excited to announce the new Volunteer Incentive Program!! This program has been designed to encourage more volunteer participation throughout the year with various volunteer opportunities: work/grass cutting days, tree cutting days, range qualifications, Bass Pro events, Hunting and Fishing Day etc. This program allows volunteers to accumulate volunteer hours for  MNHA Rewards.